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Midland Precision Guns, Gunsmith Services


We carry about 35 different calibre reamers for the most popular calibres and can also provide Exotic reamers if required. Some of our customers have their own reamers for their favourite calibre and we are happy to use these when fitting a new barrel for them.


We will thread your rifle barrel for a Moderator or Muzzel Break. We will thread, size and pitch to your requirements and recrown your barrel for you. We also provide a Barrel Inspection service with Bore Scope service and will advise on the condition and cleaning procedure if required.


We can replace triggers as required and if not in stock we can supply the following triggers if required. Jewel, Timmony, Bix & Andy.


This is a service which we have recently added. We carry most popular colours and have a large oven for heat treatment of finished Cerakote. We cater for rifle barrels; actions and shotguns. To date this is proving to be very popular. We can also carry out Bead Blasting and Shot Blasting if required.

Our rifles have featured in the winners enclosure many times over recent years. Get in touch to discuss your requirements…